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Our Guiding Principles

GKIC is geared towards realizing the objectives of the National Environmental Policy.

Environmental Right:

GKIC supports the constitutional provision that every Kenyan has a right to a clean and healthy environment by safeguarding and improving the environment.

Right to Development:

Developers and investors have a right to undertake developments and investments. However, GKIC ensures that their activities do not lead to environmental degradation.

Sustainable Resource Use:

The quality and value of environmental resources are served through GKIC’s services, which ensure resource utilization will not depreciate the environment nor will it decrease the carrying capacity of ecosystems.

Precautionary Principle:

GKIC uses a scientific approach to identify negative environmental impacts and adopts comprehensive and cost-effective measures to mitigate environmental degradation.

Polluter Pays Principle:

GKIC advocates for responsible waste disposal practices and supports the principle that polluters meet the cost of damage caused to the environment by their activities.